October 21, 2009


You are invited to a celebration of the life of Raymond Federman

November 29th 5:00 PM

Bernardo Heights Country Club
16066 Bernardo Heights Parkway
San Diego, California 92128
Phone: 858-487-4022

Rsvp: moinous@federman.com

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I miss you so much, Mr. Federman. The world is too quiet now.
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Interesting--don't know if you've heard of this one but my agent agreed to let me shop a project not suitable for her agency---when i asked about rights et al, she wasn't sure. Fortunately, I had a lawyer (hubby) so we made sure that the agency was out of the money loop should another agent sell my stuff--
What I learned from him was this: Lit contracts are well crafted to pay the 'house' first, (agent/publisher). Most writers can't navigate through the fine print...so writers should definitely beware...:)
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