September 01, 2007


Concerning the Original Masturbatory Gesture

One wonders what the first homo sapiens must have thought [if thinking he could] or did [certainly he could do] when he awoke one night in the dark of the cave and reached with his hand under his dirty animal pelt covering his groin to touch an unexpected erection [perhaps not the first but the first he reached for] to touch it feel it squeeze it rub it shake it until it made him squirm on his dirty pile of moss and then scream with this newly discovered sensation which he could not yet name or explain but which later much later some french homo sapiens named jouissance.

Yes one must wonder what this first one among this newly erected species felt before finding his way to the pleasure of a twat with this thing in his hand. What did he do? Did he scream? Laugh? Burst into tears? Or did he rise to his feet in the dark of the cave and shout to his fellow-cavemen lost in the little death: Hey you guys wake up wake up you won’t believe the incredible discovery I just made!

And one can further wonder as to what took place in the dark of the cave the following night when all the cavemen reached under their filthy pelts to explore the discovery the first among them had made. Of course one should also wonder what the cavewomen did or said when the first man among them shouted his discovery in the dark of the cave.

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