March 07, 2006


federman in new anthology...

Ted Pelton's Note:

PP/FF Now Available

Editor Peter Conners has assembled an anthology of prose poetry/flash fiction hybrid writing by a virtual who's-who of innovative writing today, including Kim Addonizio, Kazim Ali, Stuart Dybek, Lydia Davis, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Brian Evenson, Raymond Federman, Arielle Greenberg, Laird Hunt, Harold Jaffe, Kent Johnson, Gary Lutz, Cris Mazza, Daniel Nester, Aimee Parkison, Elizabeth Robinson, Martha Ronk, Nina Shope, Eleni Sikelianos, Jessica Treat, Diane Williams, and 40 others! A natural for any creative writing teacher looking to explore the line between poetry and prose -- and a great read, any page you open to! 240 pages, $20. ISBN 0-9703165-1-8.

Order now: available exclusively at

Official release: July 1.

Reading of contributors to the PP/FF anthology, Night
& Day
, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, July 26.

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