November 29, 2007



Pablo Picasso, Le Vieux Roi (The Aged King), 1959


Statues of kings can be categorized as follows:

1. Kings seated on:

a) a throne
b) a stool
c) a boulder
d) a horse (often)
e) a donkey (rarely)
f) a quadruped (an elephant or a camel in exotic places)
g) the shoulders of another man (occasionally)
h) the roof of a building (extremely rare occasions)

2. Kings standing on:

a) the ground
b) a podium
c) a stage (official occasions)
d) a stool with a back
e) a stool without a back
f) a pedestal (often)
g) a horse or any other animal (awkwardly)
h) a man lying on the ground (unusual circumstances)

3. Kings seated or standing with:

a) their arms falling to their sides
b) the left or right hand on the chest
c) both hands on the chest
d) one hand in the pocket of their trousers
e) both hands in the pockets of their trousers
f) one hand on top of their head (almost never)
g) their legs crossed (very often)
h) their eyes closed (only when they are dead)

4. Kings lying down:

a) usually during insurrections or revolutions
b) normally while making love
c) when they are dead


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