August 29, 2007



Often when carcasses return to the zone of carcasses after a transmutation they like to tell what sort of life they had wherever they were sent and in what form – the old carcasses who have been waiting for eternities to be transmuted and who may never be take great pleasure in listening to these stories – it makes them feel as though they share in the transmutation experiences of these story-teller carcasses – some of the stories are often sad and depressing – revealing how miserable the new life was – sometimes these stories even reveal how disgusting it was to have been transmuted – for instance the case of a carcass who was sent back to planet earth as a chamber pot – what kind of a life could this have been -- one can imagine – but even though this story was sad and sordid it greatly amused the old faded carcasses – other stories are funny and often quite sexy – for instance the story of this carcass who had been transmuted as a condom – well no need to go into the details of what this carcass told – even if she exaggerated somewhat -- but that story was funny and exciting – though the end was quite sad and tragic – the carcass told how after having performed what she was intended for -- and used and abused with great pleasure and dexterity -- she was thrown into the toilet bowl and flushed into the sewers of the planet earth where huge rats fought to devour her -- and after that how the rat who had won the fight defecated her into the putrid water of the sewers where she became a carcass again – but not all stories end so miserably – for instance the carcass who had been transmuted into scented massage oil told what a happy and sensuous life she had up to the end when she was dissipated on the body of the one who was being massaged – in this case – at least in the story told by this carcass – the sensuous body of a hollywood starlet – well one could go on retelling many other such stories told by the returning carcasses – some quite gruesome and ghostly – others lively and even experimental – but without going any further it should be mentioned that the authorities – which are still in power in spite of the failed revolution – became very interested in these stories -- for reasons that are too evident – and have decided to gather all these stories into a huge volume which will circulate in the zone to calm the fanatic carcasses who yearn for a change of direction – but also to calm the old carcasses who have been stuck in the zone for eternities without any hope of ever being transmuted – here is the title the authorities have decided to give to this anthology –
The Great Book of Carcassian Stories

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