December 10, 2008


A brief answer to an inquiry from friends who care about my present medical condition

to put it in a few words medically speaking

feeling much better each day each day more or less going for a walk further and further driving the car even went to the movies and the casino a couple of times since the operation on election day which shows that I am doing okay even if during the night unable to sleep on the left side where I am always the most comfortable and have my best dreams I have to sleep flat on my back and that prevents me from not only sleeping but from having good dreams I would describe the position in which I am forced to remain because of the long incision on the left side of my body an incision that goes from my pubic hair half way up my back around the waist so to speak I would describe that position flat on my back as being semi-nocturnal rather than totally nocturnal whatever that means a condition during which I contemplate my mortality or as the poet once put it where je hume ici ma future fumèe ...

otherwise not much else to report

Erica takes good care of me and so soon I will be back to the Federman I was before ... before ... you know what I mean yes soon quand le vent se lèvera il faudra tenter de vivre as the poet once put it

oh a very good and long review of Pssst [the German Chut] in the Frankfurter Raunchau -- and another one coming soon in FAZ, I am told

Stefan Weidle the publisher informs me that Pssst has been awarded a prize as one of the most beautiful books of 2008

Stefan didn't say if there was money coming with that honor or just a medal or a certificate

in any case all that helps the morale

we got hit hard by the economic crisis [the Bush Crisis it should be called] so Erica announced the other day after she visited what's left of my pension of a poor retired [distinguished] professor she declared calmly that we had lost two years of life -- implying that we should consider changing tense two years earlier than anticipated because the cash has run out – so it goes

well I said joyfully this way we'll be back to where it all started back to the marvelous beginning of our grand wild glorious chaotic adventure towards ... towards ... just towards ... whatever is out there in the great cunt of the universe as old Sam once put it and this way I added we will have gone full circle from poor to rich [and almost famous] back to poor in and all our problems will be resolved -- so be it!

Raymond Federman

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