April 04, 2007


A LA QUEUE LEU LEU de et pour Raymond Federman‎

From: stéphane rouzé ( s_rouze@yahoo.fr )
Sent: Wed 4/04/07 2:33 PM
Mike Daily

Hello Mike

How are you?
well i hope
i send your english extract with late
i want to publish the french movie A LA QUEUE LEU LEU
for the Raymond's Birthday on MAY 15.
perhaps i could put few English extract in the French
movie en clin d'oeil
the english movie will be publish after.
i send you a very little french extract if you want to
try to read it in french too.



a good decent honest line perhaps a bit too chaotic but nonetheless adequate a line to which people could come without apprehension and once in line without having to complain too much about being stuck there for the main concern in line was civility and generosity many had come to the line quite unprepared not having anticipated the fact that it would be a slow endless process so that waiting would be in vain just as progress would be in vain therefore they had not brought with them the essential in food and clothing to last or continue to last in line so that food drinks and clothing would be shared generously among the liners it was not unusual to see groups of people who had never met before eating from the same picnic basket or drinking from the same bottle or handing pieces of clothing or blankets to people who suffered from the cold more than others especially during the night after sundown but particular care was given to the young and the very old for there were people of all ages in the line male and female of course and of all ways of life educated and illiterate rich and poor this was apparent from the clothes and manners of certain people many races and colors were also present in line but usually these people preferred to stay together in bunches in remote parts of the line naturally there were also people of different religious beliefs this was evident from the discussions and arguments having to do with questions of morality for one of the major concerns of all the people present was the morality of the line and when disagreements occurred on this question the line would become extremely agitated though it should be noted that not all discussions had to do with morality or theology in some places people would get together to sing songs in unison while in other places someone would suddenly stand on a box to make a speech


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