April 17, 2006



Why this image every night this word BALLOON in my head yes word at night I must especially explain sometimes until morning dream this BALLOON image of the word probably understand before dying!

First sphere rounded form hollow of air circle convex rather yes concave from the inside giant fruit apple orange moon bottomless sun extinguished other circular possibilities in depth hole void BALLOON ball bowl hollow globe cycle dream transformed word of a secondary image BALLOON word image probably to see before dying!

Second sphere without color perhaps blue sometime red often pink atrocious leaning towards dragging violet without fear of course even at night never seen towards yellow too colorless disturbing at night BALLOON dream if not the color false BALLOON unseen the spectrum to touch probably measure once soon alone before dying!

Third sphere of unknown dimensions not too big dimensions of the dream to be discovered measured even if unknown possibilities of forms reach specific infinity but finished all circles are to be finished or else false data of the BALLOON round in spite of the circle big globe BALLOON probably closing in space before dying!

Fourth sphere heavy yes always falls never rises above the dream but not totally immobile with a slight displacement in time of a not too distant past of course time of dream quick without space always temporary motions BALLOON awakening between two spaces of hollow probabilities BALLOON perhaps to be defined before dying!

Fifth sphere functions vague certainly sensitivity reacting only to word and image BALLOON in the hollow sleep dream here not all yet specific even remote function from thought of the thought of the form of the true BALLOON memory image above the dream now in a whirlpool of sensation to decipher probably soon before dying!

Sixth sphere the true BALLOON the BALLOON not dream not image of an impossible word comparison to be made understandably above or beyond the circle round form but hollow colorless shape and data weight and functions probably respective to an image word of the real BALLOON dream word probably never to be known before dying!

Conclusion of the BALLOON without story in a dream transposed by a very slight bursting rather in a word image which themselves a deflation leaning again towards the true BALLOON the real sphere word image of the concrete form of the BALLOON word image yes of dream hollow at last to explicate one day probably before dying!

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