August 03, 2007


friends of the poet [you have 24 hours...]

I changed one word in this old poem
to bring it back to life [no pun intended]
it's an important poem in the life-cycle
of the poet

it finally raises the final
I was going to say solution
but no
the final episode
you'll see what I mean
if you can recognize the one word
that was changed which totally
altered the sense of this poem
I mean of the original version
then you will be rewarded with
a recent photograph of the poet

the first to identify the word that
was changed will also receive a bonus
but we cannot reveal now what it will be

for the sake of equality
among the contestants
in this one-word rewording of
this poem

final escape
for Ingmar Bergman

how will it happen
the final exitus
will it be violent
will it hurt
or will it be quiet
full of silence
will the sordid images
that have haunted us
be suddenly erased
or will they be replayed
endlessly replayed
in virtual reality
will we fall
or will we rise
or simply pass through
as one goes through
an open door
to enter a room
perhaps it will be
an escape
another escape
from the little box
where it all started
among empty skins
but this time it will be
the final escape from the great cunt
of existence
and this time
without any gurgling
will the stolen sugar be
as sweet as the first time
and what of the moon
tiptoeing on the roof
will she smile upon us
or remain indifferent
will there be words
left to describe what
is taking place
words and silences
or will there be only
cries and whispers

you have 24 hours to submit your answer
many of you will recognize this poem
but how many will notice which word
was changed

without having to cheat
and look at the original version

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