March 26, 2007



Armstrong tires grip the road
Avis tries harder
Eastern earns its wings everyday
Coca Cola tastes better
Hertz is number one
STP really helps
Masterline defies detection
Minute Maid is goodness at its best
Ford has a better idea
Sony is a dream machine
American Express: don't leave home without it
Orange Juice is not just for breakfast any more
Volkswagon does it again
CBS is coming on
Contac is the complete medicine
Acme is a super saver
King Fiesta is fantastic dessert
Clorex doubles the bleach
Johnson's Baby Powder touches you like a baby
Nationwide Life Insurance is on your side
Woolite the self-cleaning self-cleaner
You're in good hands with All State
Folgers is the best part of waking up
With Schwab the Savings are big
Merrill Lynch a breed apart
How do you spell relief? R*O*L*A*I*D*S
Gravy Train makes the gravy your dog craves
Pepsi the choice of a new generation

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