October 26, 2005


More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks...

The great thing about Federman's new book -- More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks -- is that you don't have to read it starting at the first page -- you just open the book anywhere and you can read either forward or backward -- or in any direction -- this should be stressed -- it's an infinite discourse in both directions --

or to give the definition that Sam gave of language :

a rumeur transmissible ad infinitum in any direction

[but one should also remember the other great definition of language sam gave:]
language is what gets you where you want to go
and prevents you from getting there

that's exactly how MLS & SS functions -- it cancels itself as one reads it --
so that when you read this book you cannot tell if Federman really wrote what you read or if he read it himself somewhere else --

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