July 04, 2006


RADIO TALK [a true poem]

An interviewer
on a radio talk show
asks an artist
to tell him if
the number of hours
he spends painting
in a year corresponds
to the amount of money
he makes in that year

The artist mumbles
something about how
art and money
are not compatible
and leaves it at that

I wanted to butt in
and tell that asshole
interviewer that
he was confusing
A job with Work

A job is where one
goes to make money
Work (especially
Work well done) is
what gives pleasure
and nothing else

A job is boring
A job is tedious
A job is embarrassing
A job is exploitative
A job is humiliating
A job is idiotic
A job is a waste of time

But Work well done
always gives pleasure
and satisfaction

A job is what you do
five days a week
for a determined
amount of time
usually prescribed
by your boss
and your needs
A job is limiting

Work takes place
all the time
even when you sleep
Work is indefinite
Work is endless

Raymond Federman

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