October 16, 2007




Can I have a copy of my old friend Steve Katz's new book -- I am broke -- I just came back from an expensive but happily busy month in Europe -- there are only a few of us left of the original FC bums -- soon we'll all be gone – I deserve a copy of that book – I hear it's very funny – and I am in need of laughter right now – my computer crashed – I had to buy a new one – more reasons for being broke – send the book to my regular address --

Meanwhile a great piece of news to be passed on to those FC2 writers who deplore that their books are not being reviewed not being sold not being read ...

do not despair
hang in there
one day you too
when you turn 80
will sign a huge contract
with a major publisher

Federman's new novel which he wrote in French out of despair [because of what's happening to literature in America] entitled CHUT : HISTOIRE D'UNE ENFANCE is now under a generous contract with Les Editions Leo Scheer in Paris [one of the major French publishers who continues to publish literature and not what passes for literature -- look up Editions Leo Scheer

Meanwhile the French version of Return to Manure [rewritten in French by Federman himself] was adapted to the stage and performed in St-Etienne, Villefranche, Lyon, Paris. It was also adapted into a radioplay by Deutschland Radio in Berlin.

Meanwhile to celebrate Federman's 80th birthday several books will appear in 2008 --

in French a book entitled FEDERMAN HORS LIMITES [a 250-page dialogue with a French writer about Federman’s life his work his golf his adventures his misadventures his books and the world in general -- with photos and documents]

in English a book entitled FEDERMAN AT 80 [a collection of some 25 essays about Federman's work by different scholars and writers to be published by SUNY-Press]

A celebration of Federman's oeuvre will take place at Lake Forest College in march 2008 – another in Buffalo organized by former students and friends of Federman in the fall 2008 --

new editions of The Twilight of the Bums [illustrated], and The Voice in the Closet will be out soon.

I'm not mentioning all this to draw attention to myself [well obliquely maybe] but to give hope to those FC2 writers who may despair that the situation is hopeless ...

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