August 12, 2005

Blog Technician Mick O'Grady's Note: Back in February, Ted Pelton at Starcherone Books sent me a copy of RON UP & OUT & BLOWN AWAY LIKE A CLOUD THAT CHANGES AS IT GOES by Raymond Federman. If you haven't already read this very fine tribute to Ray's friend and "mentor" Ronald Sukenick, I strongly urge you to do so in one of these free formats: PDF/Adobe Acrobat (better quality) or the HTML version.

Ted said he was happy to be able to provide me with something I didn't have in my collection. No wonder. No
wonder I didn't have it in my collection. The Sukenick book wasn't and isn't for sale.

"It's a true rarity," Ted says. "Copies were made up for the Sukenick Memorial reading last Fall. I wouldn't feel right selling it. And now the few I had left are gone. Ron was a teacher of mine at Colorado. I'll miss him -- I already do."

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