December 24, 2005

look what the guy who translated me into vietnamese writes

Dear Mr. Federman,

Thank you very much for your response. It would be a great honor for me if I had a copy of your new novel recently published in France. I have recently "shopped" your Une voix dans le débarras (bilingual) through the internet and plan to have the French text La fourrure de Rachel the same way. [I already have what you call TIOLI, DON, TTV, ARF]

Of course most Federman texts have been posted on a vietnamse literary "non-profit" webside in Australia, where a group of University professors, composers, musical instrumentists & writers and poets are running what they call (tien ve: avant-garde). On their invitation I joined them years ago, first with a novella by Perec, Godot Interview by Federman, and Nature morte by Joseph Brodsky. (I complained in my introduction to the Godot Interview about being rather late discovering Federman - 1991)

I believe you could try to enter, and click "tac gia" (authors) to have the list of alphabets, go to letter F, and you know how to find Federman, Raymond. There, you can have more than 20 items, all Federman's.

Again, thank you for your being interested.

Your, cordially.
Hoang Ngoc Bien.

PS. If you'd like to try to "read/see" me, from the authors list, go to letter H, and click Hoang Ngoc Bien



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