March 18, 2006


My good friend the cynic Ian Cutler who is writing a book on Jesus sent me this statement -- he gave me permission to put it on my blog...

...for all to consider.


Given the fantastic legacy of epic and heroic figures that made up the real and imaginary worlds of Greco-Roman history and literature, why is it that the myth the Western world chose to claim for its own is the rather dull and disagreeable tale of Jesus of Nazareth, albeit embellished with miracles and apocalyptic prophesies.

--Ian Cutler

Give me Dionysis, give me Aphrodite... but Jesus?

Personal Jesus.
Perhaps that's a misguided question your friend has posed. Perhaps the question should be: why would anyone on this planet make an idol of anyone else on this planet? Whether one deems Jesus boring or not is not the issue. He's a myth, based on some "real" person who was probably a schlumph who maybe said some good things. Eh, so what? I propose that it's the vacancy in ourselves that's the issue ... we need meaning for our existences, whether we're born in the West or the East. So my favorite philospher's Chuang Tzu, but nobody knows whether he ever existed or not, really they think those amusing parables "he" wrote were written by other people, but does it matter? Maybe one of the sub issues of our existence, at least us Western so-called intellectuals or at least angst-written communicators (well, aspiring communicators) ORIGINALITY? ok. I'm digressing. But I don't apologize for digressing, as I don't know from what I'm digressing: the journey is all the same --- full of forks and knives spoons, soupspoons,fourchettes, demi-tasses, epees, stylos.... ca va. ca suffit pour maintenant. merci. bientot & happy birthdays!
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