January 08, 2006



Six Gallery Press says: Federman is already well-known for his extensive publications in poetry, criticism and fiction, including Here and Elsewhere: Poetic Cul de Sac, from Six Gallery Press. This new book, called More Loose Shoes and Smelly Socks, is a collection of fragments of writing. They range from pure fantasy to poignant memoir to deceptively simple ramblings--something for which Federman is known. Like his previous work, More Loose Shoes catches you off guard, always speaking with two tongues--one glib, the other serious; one English, one French (the book is bilingual). In it, he explores the difficulties of self-expression, the futility of writing, thoughts of "changing tense" and golf. More Loose Shoes continues to develop the Federman story that has been spun through his previous works.

Il paraît quand en France ce livre?
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