January 02, 2006


here is a piece of news for the blog straight out of a footnote

Federman's Footnote: I am vain enough to look in every footnote and every index of books for the mention of my name and cynical enough to laugh at my own eagerness.

I came across this sentence today in the footnotes of a book about the hollow coast.

The Voice in the Closet

A semiautobiographical story of an unidentified youth who spent the war period hiding in a closet to avoid Nazi persecutors.

That explains everything about Federman.

semiautobiographical raises the question of the veracity of his story.

unidentified youth raises the question as to the identity of the youth in the closet war period hiding in closet implies that the youth never came out of the closet during the entire period of the war thus creating a perfect circularity in his adventure.

It's like shitting in a newspaper and then wiping your ass with the newspaper. Nazi persecutors clean the conscience of the French persecutors. And all is well in the best of all world.

Amazing what one finds in footnotes.

Does anyone sees anything else in this statement that explains federman?

As someone who had to spend unpaid hours amending an index I'd laboriously and carefully created to include every passing mention of someone's name (which of course rendered the index pointless and unusable) just because the author insisted that 'the first thing people do in bookshops is look in the index to see if they're mentioned before deciding to buy the book', I heartily disapprove. Heartily, heartily disapprove. Shame on you.
Indexes are invaluable.

They come in handy.

For example, the indexes in Anais Nin's diaries show where and when Kenneth Patchen gets slammed.

Indexes are invaluable.
I am not sure that Federman can be explained....which I personally like. That's also part of the fun when trying to explain him, I think.

I reckon that it's quite interesting - or coincidential [?] - that this was mentioned in a footnote. Cannot the unidentified youth be seen as a footnote in that he only miracously escaped death? By this I mean that he is the only remainder [a footnote] of the family that was brutally exterminated. And cannot Federman's wonderful novels be seen as footnotes to the 'official' records of history? Footnotes that act like counternotes perhaps....
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