October 26, 2005


More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks...

The great thing about Federman's new book -- More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks -- is that you don't have to read it starting at the first page -- you just open the book anywhere and you can read either forward or backward -- or in any direction -- this should be stressed -- it's an infinite discourse in both directions --

or to give the definition that Sam gave of language :

a rumeur transmissible ad infinitum in any direction

[but one should also remember the other great definition of language sam gave:]
language is what gets you where you want to go
and prevents you from getting there

that's exactly how MLS & SS functions -- it cancels itself as one reads it --
so that when you read this book you cannot tell if Federman really wrote what you read or if he read it himself somewhere else --

For the record, this new book is now available from Six Galley Press. Pat Lawrence has done an amazing job on it.

federman's new shoes can also be ordered on amazon.com or directly from six gallery

go for it while copies are still available

according to the editor - mroe thant 60012 have already been ordered

this book should definitely make oprah's list
Federman asked us how do you measure a great writer

I think that the description of More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks pretty much answers that question. Someone who can write a book that fits the description in this blog entry. That, in my view, is a great writer...

Can't wait to read MLS&SS :-D

me too
I'm reading Loose Shoes--about halfway through it--and it's flat out amazing. I'm not making this up. The Ultimate Federman has arrived. A book thoroughly of our times, and the mind of Moinous.

OOOOOOHHH!!!! I cannae wait to get hold of it -- hurry up, postman!!
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