December 06, 2005



What does it say underneath "Federman's" on the sign? My eyesight's not good enough to make it out [not even when I click on the image to view the larger version or put on my specs]....
blog must go on
Something fishy is going on...
It says 'Lowest price store in Akron', Federman's being a department store in that Ohio city.

The photo seems to be from:
A newer (colour!!) postcard of Federman's is here:

(BTW, Federman also runs an antique store in Wellsburg, West Virginia, and a lox (salted salmon) deli in New York City...)
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Thank you, Bent! :-)

Federman seems to be all over the place [in various manifestations]....just like he is [and is not] in his books!
[Sorry about the deleted post -- I made a typo -- and yes, I know O'G: they're sometimes good for you. But what with Bent being my professor....He shouldn't see me making typos ;-) ]
Bent! Thanks for the information.
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