October 27, 2005


an appreciation: this little jewel by Italo Calvino...

I think on the federman blog we should offer our vistors a little story once a week --

not necessarily by federman - but a story selected by federman as a gift to his visitors

this week I offer this little jewel by Italo Calvino


other such little stories will be offered regularly to the visitors in appreciation of their interest

Yes? What is it?


...whatever it is it is not it...
maybe all the young woman in the story wanted was someone to whisper her name - instead everyone is shouting. Maybe a soft gentle calling would have gotten her to emerge from the wooden walls of her husband's house.

See The Young Housewife by william carlos williams
Yes, little stories like that is a very good idea, I think. Keep 'em coming :-)

All of the hindu temples couldn't engage in rice eating dance of the leaping jingleberries and the sitarist who had no strings.

So whom am I to trust? The radio queen and the blowfrog from hell,
or the giant mushroom superhero space cadet who's wondering if he should grow some more fur out of the tree tops for winter.

It wasn't that long before Mister Noodle was grown up and he donated the organs.

P.S. You could wonder with the doggy and the french fry blue jean sex toy model from the preppy's guild, snapshots required, makeup not included, store bought samsonite doesn't heal hemmorhoids, most non Don Quixotes in this world wouldn't have a pencil ready if there was a master knight right in front of them asking for directions to a sandwich shop.

The kind of person you'd like to have on a date, but not in bed.
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