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Raymond Federman and blogmaster Mike Daily, Polaroided at the 30th Anniversary of Fiction Collective in Venice Beach, California. Beyond Baroque; February, 2004.
O'Grady's Note: Please visit Starcherone Books, indie publisher of Federman's latest American release, My Body in Nine Parts (with three supplements & photographs by Steve Murez). Starcherone has another fiction utility vehicle (F.U.V.) called Starcher-BLOG, check it out.

Notoriously unconnected-to-the-Net scholar
Jerome Klinkowitz actually reviewed My Body in an exclusive open letter format on Smokebox, which published Ray's piece "Preoccupations" as well.

Thanks again, fellow Friends of Federman, for participating in our inaugural Surfiction Tagboard discussion debacle. nancer99 and *L*, you guys were great. Click on Comments below to view the chat transcript. That was quick. Almost too quick...


This is amazing -- it was great being part of this surfictional event -- and to get to know you guys a wee bit better :) I'll be back next time -- and hopefully RF will join us then too....

[I don't see the transcript appearing anywhere though -- *L*]

Administrator's Note: The ghetto chat room on Federman's BLOG posts users' current entries at the top of the little screen. So: Start at the bottom and read up.


m|©κ³: the opium cubes in my coffee, yes

m|©κ³: you guys are great


*L*: I am not familiar with that expression -- can you explain? In any case, it's interesting to hear :)

nancer99: i hope i'm not telling tales out of school, so to speak

nancer99: creeley assumed legend-like proportions in the minds of aspiring writers. f was funny and somehow, more inspiring

*L*: Go on...I'm all ears! :)

nancer99: it's true tho. he was the alternative rock star. the mainstream one was robert creeley

*L*: Rock star professor -- LOL!

Mick, where do you get those expressions from - the opium cubes in your coffee?

nancer99: not in terms of me, of course, i mean professionally. you know how writers are

villon: i haven't been to court in awhile

nancer99: he was rather a rock star professor. all my guy friends were, i think, a little jealous of him

*L*: Yeah, spill the beans, Nan!!

*L*: No wonder, Nan :)

m|©κ³: was raymond a rock star professor? tell me a professor federman story plz!

nancer99: permission granted, as the judge says. or maybe the judge says motion granted. whatever. i haven't been to court in awhile

*L*: I was wondering where you'd gone, Nan :) Hope baby is ok! What kind of degree did you do?

m|©κ³: oooooooohh, Danish? that would go nicely with my croissant and coffee. please do.

nancer99: i'm not doing him justice. his classes were very popular.

m|©κ³: this is definitely the pac man of chats, nancer99, you said it

nancer99: sorry. a baby awoke. yes, i think i took all f's writing courses and whatever reading courses he had

*L*: You have my permission :)

*L*: If I start speaking Danish, can you remember what I said then too?

m|©κ³: with your permission, ladies, i'd like to run a transcript of our hour's discussion in the comments section...

m|©κ³: Hahaha :) That can be arranged, *L*!

*L*: Are you saving this dialogue somewhere, or do you have a super duper memory, Mick?

*L*: LOL!!

*L*: So RF will join us next time, you say?

m|©κ³: [pardon me for being so nosey!]

*L*: Owf -- my English spelling is getting worse. Sorry.

*L*: Mick, you are playgirising me! :)

m|©κ³: now THAT sounds exotic in my ears :)

*L*: Good point, Mick!! Nan, you've moved around quite a bit, eh? Suppose you guys do have a wee bit more land to move around on then me...

m|©κ³: yep

*L*: Nan, what kind of class/subject did RF teach when you had him as your teacher?

m|©κ³: FICTION CAN ONLY BE *a* REALITY, sez federman

nancer99: believe it or not, i miss vermont, where i went after buffalo

*L*: I take it you work with young people then Mick?

*L*: Miami -- now THAT sounds exotic in my ears :)

m|©κ³: i'll say that. youth are inspiring and i like to return the favor. by the way, fed said he will definitely participate next time.

nancer99: miami, L. and i agree suk.

m|©κ³: youth are far from boring.

Sukenick: It's not the writer's job to be a minister or policeman. The writer's job is to tell it like it is. (WITNESS)

*L*: [urgh -- I talk a lot -- sorry, guys]

*L*: Nan, where are you from again? I missed the introductory notes to the discussion...

*L*: Glad to hear it's not boring :) 'On call' -- what is it you do? [or am I asking too many questions?]

*L*: Ah -- but he never actually said he'd attend, did he? Let alone participate...

m|©κ³: daytime and nighttime job. i'm on call so it's kind of part time right now. it's anything but boring, thankfully. thanx for asking.

*L*: Not me, Nan.

nancer99: it's not me, i guarantee

Sukenick: The first thing you have to say about experimental writing is that there is no such thing as experimental writing. (WITNESS)
nancer99: so one of us might be f?

*L*: Mick, good point about RF being a spy! Of course!!

*L*: Mick, I think I need to check some more links from your site [which I also like] -- can you make a living as an artist, or do you have to rely on a boring daytime job too?

m|©κ³: good point, Sukenick

nancer99: yeah this is definitely the pac man of chats

m|©κ³: this is like a video game - a very primitive video game

m|©κ³: federman is a spy - he said it himself

*L*: Same here, Nan -- when I post -- or click refresh.

m|©κ³: good point

*L*: Sukenick -- you have changed tense -- where are you writing from??

nancer99: i can only get tag updates when i it like that for you guys? that's something i remember about f...he said "you guys" all the time..

*L*: Well, you know, it's easy to spy in CyberSpace...

Sukenick: I see a tendency for the media to become increasingly abstract so that they become more direct extensions of thinking.

nancer99: no, i'm serious mick. i sued a bunch of title insurance co.'s. it's the most boring case in the entire world, but i think i won

*L*: Not by me, Nan...

m|©κ³: laughing at this -"Yeah, where's henri? Is he spying on us? Is RF spying on us -- Federman: are you there??"

nancer99: have henri and rf ever been seen in the same place?


m|©κ³: consumer protection!

*L*: Yeah, where's henri? Is he spying on us? Is RF spying on us -- Federman: are you there??

*L*: Hahaha :) That can be arranged, Mick -- you're a funny guy!

nancer99: where's henri and who is he?

*L*: All these good/remotely interesting books I always have to order from the US...

m|©κ³: no, I'd also like a glossy poster of you, signed, and of course framed

*L*: Kickass case! Wonderful expression :) Good luck with that case!

m|©κ³: starcherone does some damn fine work. i also enjoyed the kenneth bernard book Man in the Stretcher -- RF and KB are labelmates

*L*: A shame we cannot just meet up down the pub and have a good chat...

nancer99: i am a lowly housewife with four children. i do, however, have one kickass case as a lawyer...consumer protection.

*L*: No, problem, Mike -- is it just the conf. paper you want? I'll mail it to you later.

*L*: Nan, I can imagine :) You're very lucky to have had him as your teacher...

*L*: Mick, I do not know the place, but I still agree with you :)

m|©κ³: i'm interested i'm interested i'm interested i'm interested

nancer99: blog is fabuluous..f as teacher was hilarious, actually, if you can imagine

*L*: Nancer, what do you do? [pardon me for being so nosey!]

m|©κ³: federman should have his hands in front of the chinese mann theater in hollywood (pressed in concrete)

*L*: Mick, I can send you a copy if you're really that interested :) Nan, THAT one -- yeah, it's cool!!

*L*: this site! WONDERFUL SITE!! Great idea!! I check in many times a day :)

nancer99: f's my body in nine parts out at startcherone books from buffalo

m|©κ³: Concrete prose and framebreaking... very fookin' interesting I must say

*L*: Any time, Mick :) Good to get to know some of the cool dude and dudetes in

*L*: Nan, what was RF like as a teacher? He must have been very inspiring and enthusiastic and passionate about what he taught...??

m|©κ³: so tell me... how do you like this blog?

m|©κ³: you guys (girls) are great - thanx for coming

*L*: No need to apologise -- we're all in the same boat here :)

m|©κ³: Oh, OK...I linked Karlstad Conference on here. i'll be sure to read that in its entirety

*L*: No, I am still awaiting my grade -- but RF has read it and he says I should try and get it published.

m|©κ³: was your thesis published? pardon if i'm missing something, this is moving quickly

*L*: Concrete prose and framebreaking!

nancer99: i'll check that link later, L

*L*: Published what latest, Nan? Sorry, I lost you there...

m|©κ³: i like DON too...
typographical hilarity. or insanity.

m|©κ³: *L* - what was the topic of your paper?

*L*: [My abstract is linked below -- Karlstad Conference]

nancer99: i think they published the latest and if f were here, he might confirm or deny

*L*: Mick, my all time fave is DON -- I just did my MA thesis on DON and TIOLI. You? [love ARF too!!]

nancer99: i should have told the buffalo students to come...ted pelton, etc

m|©κ³: interesting, *L*

*L*: Hehehe :) Funny!'

m|©κ³: a black umbrella

*L*: Wow -- lucky you, Nan!! :)

m|©κ³: i'm not making this up

nancer99: get out - he had a black umbrella?

nancer99: aunt rachel is my current fav

*L*: and got talking to some Americans and someone who knew someone told RF about my paper and he got in touch!

m|©κ³: when i met RF it was pouring rain in venice beach and he had a black umbrella

nancer99: f generously taught me fiction writing for three years in buffalo

m|©κ³: you have read the books, I can tell. which is your favorite?

*L*: He sent me an email out of the blue! I couldn't believe it at first. Did a paper at a conference in Sweden

m|©κ³: how do you know federman, 99?

nancer99: ha - the new yorker.

*L*: Experts -- how do you mean, Mick?

*L*: How did you two hook up, Mick? I mean to get this thing going and stuff...

m|©κ³: he told me to just make it up and send it to the new yorker

nancer99: how do we all know f?

m|©κ³: you guys seem to be experts on moinous

*L*: So have you still not manage to get your interview Mick?

nancer99: lol

*L*: Interviewed out of his mind -- interesting!

*L*: I will take taht as a compliment then, Nan - thanks :)

m|©κ³: I wanted to interview federman last year and he said he was interviewed out of his mind

m|©κ³: tell me a federman story

nancer99: well it is to me :)

*L*: Am I the only European here tonight then?

cat power: washington

*L*: Ooh, now I wouldn't exactly use that word to describe Denmark!! :) But cheers anyway!

m|©κ³: yeah

nancer99: where are you, cat?

nancer99: denmark, wow. that seems exotic

*L*: It's just past 8pm here. Had to rush home from a dinner to be here :)

cat power: hi!

*L*: I'm in Denmark -- the northern part, Nan

*L*: Of course, Nan -- he's got style :)

m|©κ³: limitations are our only road to success

nancer99: where are you, L?

*L*: Hullo Cat Power

nancer99: fashionably late

*L*: That's true, Nan -- but it sure is better than nothing :)

cat power: everybody come together

cat power: everybody get together

*L*: Where's the star of the show, I wonder?

nancer99: you know, this tag board has some limitations

*L*: Hahaha -- do you reckon that's necessary, Mick?

*L*: Hi again Mick [with the cool burnz]

m|©κ³: keep the helmet on L

*L*: Likewise, nancer99 -- right, coffee for you all! [as promised]

m|©κ³: nice to meet you L

nancer99: nice to meet you, L

philippe sollers: the incessant, unconscious, mythical discourse of individuals is what we call NOVEL

*L*: Just back! Still got the helmet on [we ride a Lambretta scooter from 1962]...HELLO ALL!!

nancer99: i was, i was...1983 or so and student still. and you?

m|©κ³: welcome friends of federman

m|©κ³: hi natasha, federman says you were a student of his

m|©κ³: it's ON... portland, oregon, usa

sam: for the only way one can speak of nothing is to speak of it as though it were something

nancer99: mia, fla, usa


einstein (e=mc2): space - the final frontier

m|©κ³: please begin by stating where you are (city, state and/or country)

m|©κ³: four minutes to blast off

nancer99: i see we're gathering

Jon Konrath: NOODLES

henri: I hope you are aware all of you partycipants that you might get infected witht he F-virus - it is not mortal but it's incurable

malone: all is ready I am giving birth into death my feet will come out first out of the great cunt of existence

henri: while all this preparation is going on federman is laughing the laugh that laughs at the laugh -- he hopes it's contagious

metoo: everything is on the verge of

metoo: being said ANEW

buttermaker: bad news, bears

anonymous: in the dugout?

m|©κ³: taking a few practice swings / warming up

m|©κ³: laughter

nancer99: a double or nothing agent

nancer99: ha henri! you are a double agent!

henri: jsut spoke to federman not sure he will make it this time - but next time for sure - he's waiting for godot to arrive - he interviewed godot and godot said maybe

nancer99: see, i told you a cyberparty would be fun

nancer99: well that's good

m|©κ³: i disabled the censor mechanism so we can use profanity

nancer99: yep. that works. but now i have to erase the tag board every time i want to write anew

m|©κ³: yes REFRESH is good

nancer99: i just figured out the problem. i need to keep refreshing. the tag won't scroll on its own. and no, not too much info. :)

m|©κ³: it should be fine

m|©κ³: i think if we speak in bursts

m|©κ³: MIAMI! I got a nipple pierced by hoop in Miami in '97. since removed. too much info?

nancer99: i was buffalo, now i'm miami :). buffalo was awhile ago. i look forward to this particular catastrophe, tho. mine going a little slo, tho.

m|©κ³: alright then *L*

m|©κ³: that's right buffalo. real time? it will be a catastrophe

*L*: It looks good and it works smoothly as far as I can tell -- no complaints! :-) Cheers, see you later then. Ta ra for now!

nancer99: mick, are you there? i'm just wondering how this will work real time

nancer99: i think i need to be here at 2:00 ny time

m|©κ³: we'll be here alright

m|©κ³: I customized the tagboard to make it as smoooth as possible--simplified

*L*: My lord! Things are moving quickly - please can you all still be here when I return?

*L*: HAHAHA :) Opium cubes -- nice one!

nancer99: are we here?

*L*: Ok ok I want to stay but I really need to get going.... otherwise I won't be able to get back here for 11am [your time]

m|©κ³: get that arse in gear! nope, just amsterdam

m|©κ³: i take brown sugar and opium cubes in my coffee

*L*: You ever been?

*L*: YEP!

*L*: Catch you later -- been invited out for dinner so I'd better get my arse in gear!

m|©κ³: DENMARK!

*L*: Denmark...

m|©κ³: tonight? where are you?

*L*: Yes, excellent handle! And it improvises on the spot! Cool

*L*: I am bringing the coffee tonight -- can you bring some cigs, Mick? [one won't hurt....]

*L*: Ah! My messages do not show up -- I know why now!! ;-P

βlΘgmªšτΞ®: test

♥ m|©κ³: it tends to change

m|©κ³: how do you like my new handle? I licensed it from Prince.

m|©κ³: where are you peeps from? did you have to use the automatic Time Exchange?

Mick: *L*, good point. I'm expecting the applet server to blow a gasket. my SIDEburns? thanx. coffee?

Mick: neoist impulse, yep. eleven a.m.

*L*: I wonder if we can keep up with the pace of this tagboard once everyone's at it.....should be interesting! Hi Mick -- I like your sideburns!

neoist impulse: so its later today the meetup

Mick: let's improvise and digress today

amerikano: this is like pay-per-view without the pay

Yas : I'll say,,,

Anonymous: This is more like an information parking lot.

Anonymous: This is more like an information parking lot.

Fun With Fruits: Somebody left this phone off the hook. That's where YOU come in, O'Grady.

Stenchtail: What did she say about that collar? She said I could have it. Tasty.

Dyxlesitentail: take that dog out to the woods

mick: I am very angry with all of you. Please follow the rules.

Gee Gordon: Don't get LIPPY.

Dyslexistential: What makes reality fascinating at times is the imaginary catastrophe which hides behind it. The writer knows this and exploits it, whereas the scientist tends to ignore it willfully. RF.

mick: soon then

swizzlestik: see you soon!!

david: I'd like to brush up on my French.

mick: welcome

swizzlestik: SWITZERLAND!!

mick: swizzlestik -- where are you from?

swizzlestik: moinous is funny

mick: great

big jim: i'll be here tomorrow

mick: hi jim

big jim: i live in Michigan

mick: let's improvise and digress tomorrow

mick: hey

big jim: Hey Great Deleter!

swizzlestik: what's CRACKIN!

Henri: Identity Theft™ Is Becoming A Serious Problem Already On The Blog

mick: Don™t Be Afraid

swizzlestik: hi MOINOUS!

big jim: make sure you stretch first mick don't want to pull anything now

mick: just getting warmed up for tomorrow...

mick: I said, you were the only one i knew who could chop wood with a buffalo brush in Manhattan

nancer99: yes, mick?

mick: dear 99,

mick: you were the only one i knew who could shuck oysters with a snub-nose revolver

mick: federman once said he was the king of nonsense

mick: welcome to all friends of federman

mick: buffalo is my future. ok. just checking. what is your favorite part of The Blog?

nacer99: have we met mick? would this be bad? i hope not? is buffalo in your past?

mick: have we met, nancer99?

*L*: Mick, I am simply a fellow Friend of Federman :-)

nancer99: thanks mick - mission accomplished, yes~! federman ghetto chat! good job! thanks federman. nastasha will be there.

mick: talk to you soon

mick: do tell...

mick: who are you *L*

*L*: Cheers, Mick :-) 'IF' what, henri?

henri: well I spoke with federman - he might be willing to attend -- but he said --IF

nancer99: i have every faith in mick

mick: thanks for stopping by *L* and 99...and Henri...

mick: stay tuned / mick is planning this historical event

*L*: Good observation, nancer99. This is not making much sense; I love it!!

nancer99: how can it be that he cannot come? perhaps we shall wait till he arrives anyway, and hold it then - a cyber-surprise party. and you, henri, said yesterday you could not come, but you are already here.

henri: I spoke to federman - he cannot come to the party be told me to go for him - so let's get it on

nancer99: today, we are a social bunch...tomorrow, who knows? that's why we have to plan the party now. where's federman? or will mick plan for us?

*L*: Ah! We seem to be a rather social bunch :-)

mick: thank you Friends of Federman

*L*: I'll be looking forward to it

nancer99: i'll be checking for it

mick: i'll make the announcement

mick: say the word Moinous and it shall be done

nancer99: yes, let's have a mass email and live chat. someone set a date. federman? okay? party here at time to be set?

mick: bring it on

*L*: Aaaw, Henri -- come ooon!! We were all getting so excited now and stuff...

henri: unfortunately I cannot make it to the party

mick: i'm sure the smoke will be filtered through H2O or some other reasonably viscous liquid, right Henri?

mick: easier on the lungs

v.: incredible

*L*: Hey, this sounds really good! :-) I did quit smoking a couple of weeks ago, but I am sure one [or two] won't hurt...


"...the elements of the new fictitious discourse (words, phrases, sequences, scenes, spaces, etc.) must become digressive from one another--digressive from the element that precedes and the element that follows. In fact, these elements will now occur simultaneously and offer multiple possibilities of rearrangement in the process of reading. The fictitious discourse, no longer progressing from left to right, top to bottom, in a straight line, and along the design of an imposed plot, will follow the contours of the writing itself as it takes shape (unpredictable shape) within the space of the page..."

--RF, "Surfiction--Four Propositions in Form of an Introduction," Surfiction: Fiction Now...and Tomorrow, Second Edition, Enlarged, Swallow Press, 1981 (page 11).

*L*: Mick, you've got mail!! Good night from me -- *L* signing off.................

*L*: Thanks to you too, Nan -- it was fun :) Be well!

nancer99: see you soon! thanks l and mick!

*L*: Looks as if this is turning into a monologue...[is this my leaving cue?]

*L*: I wonder if RF didn't turn up because he was out playing golf -- it's plausible, wouldn't you say?

*L*: Yeah, I like that book! Got the signed and stamped limited edition :) Beautiful!

nancer99: yeah, i'm checking it now..see..there's the book i told you about...from the buffalo guys

*L*: Did you notice the new entry on the blog, Nan?

*L*: Lucky for you guys it hadn't fully developed, eh?

*L*: More stuff just appeared! That explains Mick's absence ;)

nancer99: yes, we had the baby version of that hurricane

*L*: Mick, what's this 'in absentia' thing you're doing just now? You off to get cigs for us or what?

nancer99: really, was that posted while we were here? i'm going to read it a sec

*L*: Nan, did you get hit by that hurricane or are you ok in Miami?

*L*: I think that was posted WHILE we were at it here -- but I think we've manged to improvise and digress quite well in here :)

nancer99: i just noticed i didn't do the suggested reading for the discussion...f's interview with godot. this was more an intro to us thing here

*L*: You are doing some serious multi-tasking, nan! *respect!* Thx for explaining the expression -- I don't always get these sayings 'cos it's not my native tongue

*L*: I just went out to brew some more -- I think you guys kick some serious arse too :)

nancer99: it was a little ringneck. i was going to save it for my boys, buit it escaped

nancer99: kinda spilling secrets, l..but i was punning...sorry for delay...i almost caught a baby snake at the front door
Friends of Federman:

This is my favorite part of the whole discussion:

nancer99: kinda spilling secrets, l..but i was punning...sorry for delay...i almost caught a baby snake at the front door

nancer99: it was a little ringneck. i was going to save it for my boys, buit it escaped*

* Italics mine. Unbelievable...

I told Moinous it's like a snake eating its tail on the blog. Every time a new post causes another of his features to drop into the archives, I retrieve it and add it as a link under Fragments of Writing.

Hence, snake eating its tail on The Blog.

Cool Blog! If you get a chance I would like to invite you to visit the following Family Blog, it is coo to!
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