August 04, 2005




"The essential difference here whatever that means is not the material as such nor the manner in which you present it nor the message nor the language itself but to do it. What counts is to do it."


"...the elements of the new fictitious discourse (words, phrases, sequences, scenes, spaces, etc.) must become digressive from one another--digressive from the element that precedes and the element that follows. In fact, these elements will now occur simultaneously and offer multiple possibilities of rearrangement in the process of reading. The fictitious discourse, no longer progressing from left to right, top to bottom, in a straight line, and along the design of an imposed plot, will follow the contours of the writing itself as it takes shape (unpredictable shape) within the space of the page. It will circle around itself, create new and unexpected movements and figures in the unfolding of the narration, repeating itself, projecting itself backward and forward along the curves of the writing."


"It is language which creates the author and not the reverse."


"Namredef and Moinous have a disorienting way of talking at the same time, interrupting each other, which makes it difficult to keep their stories straight, especially the chronology, sometimes one of them starts relating something, begins to articulate a sentence, and right in the middle of it the other will take over, as if they were one mind, one mouth, often wandering into endless digressions, surprising detours and circumvolutions, in English, in French, doesn't matter, they are both bilingual, they weave in and out of words as though language was for them a rumor transmissable ad infinitum in any direction..."


"...the cool restraint, the control, the necessary calculation, the extreme reserve and the cunning that this game without return presupposes."



Surfiction has a new form: The Blog.
"It is language which creates the author and not the reverse."

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